Hotel Bartender Job Description

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Hotel Bartender Job Profile and Description:

A hotel bartender has an important job and he has to ensure that customers and patrons are provided with drinks and aperitifs in an efficient manner. The hotel bartender has to have a discreet presence. This is a challenging job and involves long work hours with a lot of standing around. There are associated job duties as well like cleaning and bill collection which have to be done by the hotel bartender. Thus the job profile is quite an exciting one.

Hotel Bartender Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a hotel bartender will involve:

  • The first major responsibility of a hotel bartender is to prepare drinks. This involves considerable skill and expertise. There are various techniques involved in the mixing of drinks and it is not something which can be taken lightly.
  • Hotel bartenders are also in charge of serving food at times. Therefore, this too is part of their job profile. They collect payments for the drinks served and ensure that unruly or excessively tipsy customers are escorted out. Hence these people are also responsible for the security systems within the hotel.
  • Hotel bartenders are also responsible for cleaning up the counters and bars after the service is over for the day. This is an important function which often gets overlooked in the midst of the other issues.

Hotel Bartender Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a hotel bartender must be as follows:

  • The hotel bartender has to be skilled in the art of mixing drinks. This requires immense skill and practice. Innovation, stunts are also part of mixing drinks and these attract people to the bar counter like nothing else.
  • Bartenders in hotels must also be firm and good communicators, since they may have to be careful with customers who are overtly drunk. They have to be organized since a lot of money will be kept carefully by them.

Hotel Bartender Education and Qualification:

The hotel bartender needs to have the following educational qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Training in local legislation regarding alcohol permits and rules.

Hotel Bartender Salary:

The salary of a hotel bartender per annum is around 45,000 USD. This can change with experience, promotions, nature of the hotel he is working in and many other factors. There is more or less consistency however in a hotel bartender’s salary.

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