HTML Coder Job Description

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HTML Coder Job Profile and Description

The job profile of an HTML coder, quite understandably, consists of specific job responsibilities that shape the career of coders and programmers, with the basic exceptional duty of designing HTML codes specifically. An HTML coder has to understand the objective of the program or application and its utility or predicted impact, and then design the code. The HTML code so developed by the coder must have just the effect wanted; hence the code needs to be definite and flaw-less.

The HTML coder must have his ideas clear and perfect such that he can develop codes that are simple to make and implement, and also modify easily.

HTML Coder Duties and Responsibilities

An HTML coder generally needs to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The basic responsibility of an HTML coder would be to write efficient and simple HTML codes that can make anything on the computer work, as need be. The logical concept of the coder must be clear and the implementation should be perfect.
  • The HTML coder may be employed by a particular firm or any IT agency, and he is to develop their software or web-based products and services by means of effective HTML codes.
  • An HTML coder has to properly identify the requirements of the respective organization or client(s) and recognize the attributes and aspects to be included in the code and develop it accordingly.
  • It is an important job responsibility of an HTML coder to check that each section of the code is able to fulfill the purpose it has been designed for.
  • Testing is another important job responsibility of an HTML coder; the individual must check the code developed by him such that it does not contain any error or produce adverse effects on any other part or function of the same or related codes.
  • The HTML coder must be efficient in performing risk analysis; he must check for the areas that have the probability of faults and develop the code accordingly, to eliminate such errors in the HTML code so designed.

HTML Coder Skills and Specification

The skills and specification that need to be held by an HTML coder include:

  • Ability to code perfectly in HTML; to understand and implement any concept into HTML codes.
  • Logical and reasoning abilities; analytical skills
  • Comprehensive but short and effective approach in writing HTML codes; originality in coding
  • Interpersonal skills; team-work as well as leadership abilities
  • Programming skills, in general, need to be strong.

HTML Coder Education and Qualification

The education and qualifications required of an HTML coder have been given below:

  • Bachelors and Master’s degree in the field of computer engineering; or diploma in related fields.
  • A formal training and specialization is required in the field of HTML coding.
  • Certificates and licensure to work as an HTML coder attained from recognized institutes and registered agencies.

HTML Coder Salary

The salary of an HTML coder may range from $40,000 to as high as $95,000 annually, with experience, skills, and knowledge obviously paying more.

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