HTML Web Designer Job Description

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HTML web designer Job Profile and Description

A HTML web designer is a person who needs to design layout of a website or a website application. The web designer of a company needs to ensure that the requirements are met in the web design. The user friendliness of an interface is used to gauge the efficiency of the web designer. The IT department is the place which houses the web designers in the company.

HTML web designer Duties and Responsibilities

  • The web designer is responsible for client interactions in order to gather the requirements for the design.
  • The designer will propose a design based on a particular color scheme and presents it to the clients.
  • There are various stages of revisions that the design goes through until it is completely refined as per the requirements of the clients.
  • The finalized design is then sliced into required elements and converted to HTML pages.
  • The web designer is responsible for making the website as light as possible. A heavy website has a lot of performance issues.
  • The web designer is also responsible for reproducing the design for various screen resolutions.
  • The designers need to check for any compatibility issues in various scenarios. The most common compatibility checks are done on different operating systems and different browsers.

HTML web designer Skills and Specifications

  • The designer needs to have good experience with designing tools like Photoshop and CorelDraw.
  • The knowledge of latest technologies and usage of the same is also very necessary.
  • Good communication also plays a major role in the job of a HTML web designer.
  • The web designer also needs to possess good interpersonal skills which help in building rapport with the clients. 

HTML web designer Education and Qualification

  • A regularized education in the field of graphic design and animation is required for a career from reputed firms.
  • The web designer also needs to have good experience working with Dreamweaver, flash and illustrator.
  • Diploma programs and special courses in graphic design
  • Formal certification that is offered by the HTML Writers guild

HTML web designer Salary

The average salary of the HTML web designers is $ 52,000 per annum. The HTML web designers may also opt to work as freelancers, freelancers charge up to $ 50 per hour. The salary of the HTML web designers is expected to increase in future.

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