Human Resources Job Description

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HR Job Profile and Description:

Human resource or HR department is one of the most important departments in an office as it forms a link between the employees and employers. It plays a major role in keeping the various departments of the office run smoothly and efficiently. HR officers make and implement company’s HR policies and procedures. HR consultancies help companies find the right candidate for a particular job position.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The HR department works with the representatives of all the departments and helps with the management, training and other administrative duties
  • They help  the other departments in the recruitment process by contacting consulting agencies and advertisers
  • They are the first point of contact for prospective candidates and they select them to give job offers on behalf of the management
  • They hold induction programmes for new employees
  • They collect market salary information for annual review
  • They have to update the monthly payroll, other records related to leave, loans etc of the employees
  • They have to answer different questions from different employees in the office
  • HR consultants keep track of vacancies in other companies and regularly stay in touch with them
  • They have to keep records of placements, negotiating fees and update other details

Skills and Specifications

  • HR people need to have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • They need to have good administrative and organisational skills
  • They must work in a team and must have good interpersonal skills
  • They need to use discretion, be honest and maintain employee confidentiality
  • They must have the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Education and Qualifications

There are many management degrees which offer specialisation in human resources, business management, finance etc. One can also go for a communications degree and study specific HR courses.

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