HVAC Mechanic Job Description

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HVAC Mechanic Job Profile and Description

Indispensable in maintaining home life comforts, the HVAC mechanic, also called a refrigeration and airconditioning technician, is responsible for installing and maintaining commercial and residential heating and cooling systems for living spaces as well as in appliances for preserving foods and other items that would perish without artificial climate systems. They are well grounded in electricity principles, physical sciences and mechanical processes as basic knowledge on top of which are their refrigeration and airconditioning skills that include heat exchanging compressor operation, thermostat, motor fans, ducting and electronic controls.

HVAC Mechanic Duties and Responsibilities

  • Interpret technical drawings or specifications to define work to be done on cooling and heating systems.
  • Pull out heating and cooling systems for test and repair in the shop and install same when done.
  • Troubleshoot and repair heating and cooling systems using the right tools and with reference to the manufacturer repair manuals
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on office heating and cooling systems


HVAC Mechanic Skills and Specifications

  • Must have the adequate knowledge on electro-mechanical systems and have the skills to work on electrical and compression devices
  • Excellent comprehension skills to read and understand engineering blueprints for the repair of refrigeration and heating appliances
  • Must have excellent troubleshooting skills in diagnosing refrigeration and airconditioning appliances
  • A few years of experience as HVAC technician in an appliance assembly and manufacturing company
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and French.


HVAC Mechanic Education and Qualifications

While a high school diploma is adequate for an apprenticeship program with a seasoned HVAC mechanism in refrigeration or heating shop for a 2-3 year training, a diploma in HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) for a community college or vocational school is often preferred.

HVAC Technician/Mechanic Salary

The median wage for the HVAC Mechanic recorded in 2009 was $19.76 hourly, or $41,100 annualized.  The middle 50% earned between $14.94 and $24.84 an hour with the lowest 10% getting $12.19 while the top 10% got $30.59.

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