I.T. Network Engineer Job Description

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I.T. Technical Support Engineer Job Profile and Description

A technical support engineer (IT) is the individual who manages and maintains the networks and IT equipment of the respective organisation where he/ she are employed. They have to deal with all the technical aspects and handle all the application, hardware, software or such problems.

The job of the individual is highly technical in nature and one for which they need to be suitably qualified and skilled. There is an increasing need for the technical support engineers in all industries and all the organisations.

I.T. Technical Support Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled by technical support are:

  • It is the responsibility of the technical support engineer to monitor the performance of the networks and troubleshoot the problems if encounters any.
  • Toensure that the network is secure by the way is placing proper policies in the respect and monitoring the access.
  • To collaborate with the network architects, network designers and other officials to complete the projects as required by the superiors in the organisation.
  • The responsibilities of the technical support also include the task of configuring firewalls as needed and make sure that they align with the IT security policies in the organisation.
  • He/ she have to make sure that all the hardware and the software being use is updated as soon as the new releases come out.

I.T.Technical Support Engineer Skills and Specifications

The I.T. technical support engineer must be:

  • The individual must have up to date knowledge of the sector.
  • He/ she must be good at problem solving and must have analytical abilities.
  • Good communication skills and be able to converse with non- technical associates/ staff/ employees.
  • Great organisational and management skills.
  • Able to work in groups as well alone with equal efficiency.

I.T. Technical Support Engineer Education and Qualification

The educational requirements of those who wish to become IT technical support engineers are:

  • The individual must possess a bachelor’s level degree in I.T. or some other form of computer sciences.
  • Those with higher level of education (beyond the undergrad) may be preferred by some organisations and also for higher level job positions.

I.T. Technical Support Engineer Salary

The beginning salary for technical support engineers lie anywhere between $25,000 and $39000 per annum. With the higher level of work, the salary hike may go up to $42,000 or even $55000.

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