Industrial Hygienist Job Description

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Industrial Hygienist Job Profile and Description

An Industrial Hygienist’s responsibility is to identify and eliminate all kinds of hazards and maintain the quality of production and prevent any sort of occupational health hazards or diseases in a plant or a manufacturing industry.

They need to have a very strong observation power in order to recognize any kind of potential threat to the industrial health. They need to continuously plan and organize health programs in order to educate workers and all the other employees within the industry.

Industrial Hygienist Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by an industrial hygienist are:

  • An industrial hygienist needs to monitor and inspect all the activities within the production unit continuously.
  • They need to plan and organize health education programmes for the employees.
  • They need to work closely with the industrial health engineer, laboratory staff, technicians etc.
  • Preventing all kinds of air contaminations within the factory premises.
  • Preventing all kinds of Chemical & Physical Hazards.
  • They need to achieve and maintain quality standards.
  • Preventing and controlling health diseases among staff by organizing health checkups on a regular basis.
  • Preparing reports and maintaining health records for the employees.
  • Implementing all the safety measures within the industry.

Industrial Hygienist Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required in order to work as an Industrial Hygienist include:

  • An aspiring industrial hygienist must be very observant and detail oriented.
  • They should have in depth knowledge of the industrial processes.
  • They should be aware of all the safety measures and industrial hygiene practices.
  • They should be able to communicate effectively.
  • An industrial hygienist must be very organized as they need to prepare and maintain health records of the employees.
  • They should have strong technical and analytical skills.
  • They should be aware of all kinds of industrial hazards and should know to prevent or control these hazards.

Industrial Hygienist Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an Industrial Hygienist are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Physical Science or Engineering.
  • Certificate Program in Industrial Hygiene or Occupational Hygiene.
  • Experience in relevant industry is an added bonus.

Industrial Hygienist Salary

An Industrial Hygienist’s salary may vary according to their educational qualification and experience in the relevant field. On an average they can expect a salary of around $ 70000 per annum.

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