Inspector Job Description

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Inspector Job Profile and Description

An inspector is a person who ensures that all attempts are made for maintenance of quality standard of a particular product or service. Every company has a code of regulations strictly made for preservation and continuance of quality and inspectors hired by the company have to make sure that the regulations are followed by all the employees associated with the manufacturing of the product or exposé of the service. This is a very crucial step in building the general goodwill of the company and its relationship with clients. In case of poor quality, the inspector has to see to it that the quality is raised by sufficient standard wherein he proposes the conventions for determination of quality enhancement.

Inspector Duties and Responsibilities

The specific duties and responsibilities that the inspector of a company has to carry out are:

  • Routinely check the finished products like textiles, food items, metallic goods, electronics, jewelry etc for quality
  • Test the raw materials and ingredients sent for production using standard tools of testing
  • Scan and review project plans and identify the potential hazards in meeting the specifications
  • Monitor the various equipments used in a wide range of professions
  • Crime inspectors study criminal cases and detect the criminals
  • Gaming inspectors scrutinize cards and dices
  • Indentify code violations and norm deviations
  • Look after paperwork of organization and maintenance
  • Draw reports of hazards and make suggestions for hazard alleviation

Inspector Skills and Specifications

The general skills required in this field of profession are manifold:

  • Technical skill includes computer knowledge in order to store information in computer
  • Technical skill also includes mechanical skill to work with machines and equipments and to see if they function properly
  • Knowledge about regulations and laws for ensuring general compliance
  • Observation skill for making detailed observation and remarks
  • Physical strength and stamina for continuous strain involved in the job

Inspector Education and Qualifications

The educational standard of an inspector has been laid down in the following:

  • High school diploma with any combination of subject preferably science
  • Bachelor degree in a specialized field of science like engineering and architecture
  • Graduation in a civil service examination in case of police inspectors
  • Training in manufacturing quality assurance and industry compliance

Inspector Salary

The average salary of an inspector is $46,000 where the pay varies from $11.00 to $21.00 per hour.

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