Interior and Spatial Designer Job Description

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Interior and Spatial Designer Job Profile and Description

The main job of an interior and spatial designer is to find ways and means by which internal spaces are put to best of use in terms of looks, appearances and optimum use of such space. The candidates working in this position should be able to make alterations to basic structures and also help in redesigning and relocating fixtures, fittings and furnishings. They also need to look into the lighting arrangements and the coloring arrangements.

Interior and Spatial Designer Duties and Responsibilities

The major job duties of an interior and spatial designer are mentioned below:

  • Coming out with ideas for designing new spaces or existing offices, homes and commercial establishments.
  • Understanding customer’s requirements perfectly.
  • Coming out with feasibility report if needed.
  • Working out costs and budgets for such designing/redesigning.
  • Coming up with a blue print taking into account customer’s requirements.
  • Sourcing of men and material for executing the project.
  • Following up the project closely and ensuring its completion perfectly and within the stipulated time period set by the customer.

Interior and Spatial Designer Skills and Specifications

Various skills and specifications needed to work at the post are mentioned below:

  • The candidate should posses the required technical skills and expertise in conceptualizing and implementing such interior and spatial design ideas
  • The candidate should have interpersonal skills because he or she may have to manage a team for executing such projects.
  • Good idea of structural designs, interior designs, lighting designs, coloring schemes, etc is needed.
  • Good convincing and marketing skills will help turn prospects into customers.
  • Good communication skills are needed.
  • The candidate must be creative.

Interior and Spatial Designer Education and Qualifications

  • Degree in interior design, interior technology or interior decoration and design. (4 years course)
  • Baccalaureate diploma in interior design.
  • A Masters Degree is also desirable for those aspiring to hold higher positions.

Interior and Spatial Designer Salary

The demand for quality interior and spatial designer is quite encouraging and hence a person who takes up this job can expect to start with a decent salary followed by good raises and also career growth prospects.

The starting salary of the person working at this post is around $43,000 while a person with experience could aspire to get as much as $63,000. The salary may also vary depending upon the factors like skill sets, experience and qualifications of the candidate.

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