Inventory Control Supervisor Job Description

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Inventory Control Supervisor Job Profile and Description

An Inventory Control Supervisor is liable for managing, directing and organizing the dispatch and intake of the stock of the business and conducting all relating administration activities smoothly. Inventory supervisors are also commonly known as inventory managers and are also accountable for overseeing the functions performed by inventory assistants, inventory clerks and other such staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervising and leading a team of assistants and inventory clerks.
  • Delegating work and responsibility to subordinates.
  • Overseeing all inventory accounts and records.
  • Compiling inventory reports and for review and analysis.
  • Analyzing and stock inventories and checking archives.
  • Ensuring timely the packaging, shipment, procurement and invoicing of all stock and material.
  • Scheduling shifts and evaluating the working of inventory staff and subordinates.
  • Ensuring that all stocks comply with the quality standards of the organization.
  • Performing and supervising timely inventory audits.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should possess strong managerial and directorial skills
  • Ability to manage time efficiently and effectively.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Ability to delegate and supervise work.
  • The understanding and aptitude to work with computer inventory programs and software.
  • Good interpersonal skills for interacting and coordinating work within the departments of the organization.
  • Should possess good mathematical and analytical abilities.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, supply chain / logistics or any related discipline.
  • Post Graduate degree in administration, logistics and supply chain, business management or any related field.
  • Working experience of at least 2 – 5 years in inventory management is an added advantage.

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