IT Project Coordinator Job Description

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IT Project Coordinator Job Profile and Description

An IT project coordinator, as the job position clearly indicates, is an individual whose profession demands management and coordination of IT projects and corresponding features associated with the execution of the project. The job profile broadly comprises of activities such as research on project, deciding the course of work to be adopted, specifying requirements of the project, managing the group, allotting responsibilities and defining areas of work, etc.

An IT project coordinator needs to know not only the project well but also needs to have clear idea regarding group work and the skills, strengths and weaknesses of his team members. Managerial skills need to be practiced by an IT project coordinator to effectively coordinate the entire project and get across to each participant individually.

IT Project Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities expected of an IT project coordinator are as follows:

  • Project plans and implementation strategies need to be coordinated among all project members by the project coordinator of the respective IT project.
  • It is the project coordinator’s responsibility to assess the feasibility of the project and identify its requirements – resources, assets, capital to be utilized, etc. and also analyze the scope, utility, and such other factors that would determine the efficiency of the project.
  • Project meetings, seminars and conferences, presentations, and such discussions for proper execution of the project need to be coordinated by the IT project coordinator.
  • An IT project coordinator is responsible for maintaining a strict overview of the project and its developments at each stage, and reporting them thoroughly to his senior level officials.
  • It is the duty of the project coordinator to assess each phase of the project in a detailed manner, allot specific resources, design effective strategies, train people according to needs of the project, and set long-term as well as short-term goals respective to the project.

IT Project Coordinator Skills and Specifications

  • A project coordinator in IT must have thorough and clear knowledge of all technical aspects related to IT projects and other corresponding fields of study.
  • Analytical and logical skills need to be as strong and thorough as technical expertise. Innovation and creativity is required of an IT project coordinator.
  • Communication – both oral and written, and interpersonal skills need to possessed and practiced while coordinating IT projects.

IT Project Coordinator Education and Qualification

The education and qualification required for working as an IT project coordinator include:

  • A High School certificate and Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, or related fields is compulsory.
  • Experience in IT projects and related environment is important.
  • Specialization or a Master’s degree will help gain better projects, and eventually enjoy better job positions.

IT Project Coordinator Salary

The average expected salary for an IT project coordinator in the United States is approximately $91,000 per annum, with job positions, industry conditions, company turnover, and other factors playing a role in deciding the earnings of an individual working as project coordinator in an IT firm.

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