IT Project Director Job Description

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IT Project Director Job Profile and Description

An IT project director is an individual whose primary job is to direct an IT team towards the successful completion of project(s) in the respective field. An IT project generally comprises of several phases – starting from the feasibility analysis of the project and design to the final testing, delivery, and documentation phases, and the project director needs to overview the entire task through all these phases.

It is important for the project director to segregate distinct areas of work and assign members with respective duties – hence, proper and effective management is one of the very important tasks in the job profile of an IT project director. Also, the official needs to interact well with clients as well as employees and team members, as he is the representative for the entire project and is the mentor as well.

IT Project Director Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities that need to be handled by an IT project director include:

  • The IT project director does not only handle responsibilities solely concentrated upon the project but also needs to design business strategies corresponding to the project.
  • It is an important responsibility of the IT project director to guide the team towards the set targets and objectives, set forth long-range as well as short-range goals, and adopt a step-step and systematic methodology for achieving them.
  • The project director must make his presence felt, by means of extending complete involvement and providing valuable suggestions, throughout the specific IT project development process.
  • The IT project director is largely responsible for interacting with clients and customers, understanding their needs and demands, and modifying the project as per the changing requirements and specifications. Also, the project director is many times in charge of drawing user attention and engaging customers in IT projects with the respective firm.

IT Project Director Skills and Specifications

  • Technical knowledge and also management skills are extremely necessary to qualify as an IT project director.
  • Leadership qualities are required to excel in the position of a project director.
  • Organizational attributes, logical and analytical skills, creativity and innovation, and critical thinking abilities are some highly sought-after skills for the post of IT project director.
  • Positive outlook and an encouraging attitude that would inspire the entire IT project team.

IT Project Director Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of an IT project director have been given below:

  • High School qualification and graduation/bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science/applications or related field of study is necessary.
  • Formal training in IT project management is mandatory.
  • It is necessary for the individual to have sufficient work experience [minimum standards set as per company norms] prior to handling the position of an IT project director.
  • Certification or licensure may be required in certain firms and companies.

IT Project Director Salary

An IT project director earns an average of $96,000 – $1, 30,000 annually, with experienced and expert professionals earning higher than the average pay in the US. IT project directors have huge opportunities at the job front and there is ample scope of development; hence their earnings are always up the ladder.

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