IT Security Analyst Job Description

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IT Security Analyst Job Profile and Description

The job of an IT security analyst requires immense study and practice in the varied tasks to be handled as part of maintenance and upgrading the security standards of IT solutions and related technical aspects. IT is an ever-growing market that finds application in every form of corporate duties and business-making activities. The job of the individual clearly comprises of such responsibilities that require thorough survey and monitoring of various IT policies and programs, and framing proper standards to help maintain their security issues.

IT Security Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities required to be handled by an IT security analyst include:

To assess the functioning of IT systems and monitor issues related to the security of the respective systems.

To ensure authorized user access and properly investigate all systems on a regular basis.

Any content that seems to violate the security standards should immediately be discarded, apart from violating the entry of the respective user or client. Hence a thorough security analysis of the IT systems is necessary at regular intervals.

To design and maintain such IT security frameworks that provide the best and most improved services; to coordinate projects that guarantee IT security.

Development of strict regulations and rigorous standards that help safeguard IT systems as well as physical security at terminal ends.

Conduct training, workshops, conferences, and seminars on the proper policies to be adopted and standards to be followed to ensure effective IT security systems.

IT Security Analyst Skills and Specifications

An IT security analyst needs to possess the following skills and specifications:

Complete and clear knowledge regarding information security policies as well as network securities, network protocols, etc.

Ability of administration of systems, firewalls, etc.

Knowledge of hubs and switches, routers, etc. and practical efficiency in handling them.

Problem solving approach; interpersonal and analytical skills.

IT Security Analyst Education and Qualification

The required educational qualifications include:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Information Systems/ IT

Advanced courses in network management, systems security, etc is desired of applicants

Experience of minimum 3 years in IT and security issues and/or related fields

Training in related courses; knowledge of ISO standards, data and network security, management, etc.

IT Security Analyst Salary

The average salary of an IT security analyst is $75,000 per annum, with salaries depending on the nature and scope of project, experience and skills, etc.

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