Janitor Job Description

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Janitor Job Profile and Description

A janitor job outlook involves the use of heavy duty janitorial machinery, stripping and waxing floors, moving and arranging furniture as required. Actions will be determined by specific instructions from supervisors or by following well defined procedures and practices

Duties and Responsibilities

The following are a janitor job duties carried out on a normal basis:

  • Ensure that the hall and rooms are thoroughly cleaned and set up in accordance with the requirements.
  • To check regularly the state of repair of a facility and the grounds and make the necessary repairs and maintenance.
  • Report any major concerns to the management.
  • To repair lights and repair fixtures.
  • Perform maintenance such as minor repairs to plumbing and fixtures as instructed by the management.
  • Maintenance of emergency lighting, alarms, heat and public lighting systems, inspect roofs and clean drains, gutters and downspouts.
  • Be responsible for the stores and store rooms, set up and maintain in good order.
  • Keep area around garbage bins clean.
  • To help in setting up decorations for special occasions.
  • Assist in cleaning and maintenance of facilities on a regular schedule.
  • Notify the management concerning need for major repairs.
  • Post signs to advertise vacancies and show empty facilities to prospective tenants.
  • May reside inside a facility and be designated by manager.

Skills and Specifications

The following are janitor job skills needed to work in this field:

  • Should have knowledge of standard methods, practices, tools and occupational hazards and safety rules.

Education and qualifications

One year of experience in the care and cleaning of buildings

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