Java Script Developer Job Description

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Java script Developer Job Profile and Description

A java script developer is a professional who gets to develop computer programs scripted in the language of java and run accordingly. The computer executes most of its tasks by means of a back-end as well as front-end code or program written in a particular programming language. The development of this programming language requires complete knowledge on the part of the developer to present effective output coded in java script language. The java script code finds application in various day-to-day programs; hence the java script developer has numerous job prospects and needs to function carefully as well as skillfully to attain the goals set by the industry.

Java script Developer Duties and Responsibilities

The specific job duties and responsibilities of a java script developer include:

  • Writing correct and effective programs coded in the java script language of programming.
  • A java script developer must be trained to work in any system environment and process any code in the java script format, so as to achieve the targets specified by the team lead or manager or any other superior.
  • The job responsibility of a java script developer involves the coding of website content and advertising material as well in the specified programming language.
  • A java script developer must be professionally able to handle tight situations of excessive workload and frequent deadlines. The code developed must, under all conditions, be a fool-proof one as otherwise it may cause damage as much as the whole system even crashing down.
  • The job of a java script developer may also involve developing utility software and systems that use java script as the back-end program to produce a technique or methodology that can be applied for client usability and easy handling of company policies.

Java script Developer Skills and Specification

The required skills and specification for a java script developer are:

  • Thorough knowledge of the subject, with practical skills of application at the job front or actual field of work.
  • Programming skills; conceptual approach
  • Reasoning abilities; logical and analytical skills
  • Communicative – verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Ability to work in group and develop projects as a leader as well

Java script Developer Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a java script developer comprise of:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or related fields
  • A master’s degree, PhD [if possessed] in any specific area that is related to java script programming
  • Training and certification in java script programming course, under State registered bodies.
  • Practical experience in developing java script program and codes.

Java Script Developer Salary

A java script developer can earn an annual salary of $70,000 – $1, 30,000 on an average.

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