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July 1, 2010 | By More

A job description is written in order to describe the nature of a particular position and what the company expects from a candidate. Through these descriptions, employers can narrow down on the candidates they are looking for with specific qualities, qualifications and experience. At the same time, employees also get to know what kind of a worker the company wants, what duties are to be performed and can accordingly prepare themselves.

A job description format must include these following broad divisions in order to clearly and successfully describe the job requirements:

  1. Job profile and Description: This is the basic category which will include an overview of the company, its past performance, the name and meaning of the post the candidate has to apply for, the location of the office, salary and benefits etc. By reading the job profile, the candidate gets a clear idea of the job and can decide whether this is the right field he wants to work in or not
  2. Duties and Responsibilities: In this category, the various tasks a candidate has to perform are mentioned. Some of the duties must be performed directly by the candidate and will be part of his regular job, while some will be on the managerial and supervisory level. This field will also include the company objectives and working conditions
  3. Skills and Knowledge: This category specifies particular qualities and attributes that the company looks for in a candidate to perform well like communication or networking skills, analytical skills, honesty, ability to work hard and deal with stress etc
  4. Education and Specifications: Here the company mentions the minimum educational qualifications that it expects the candidate to have. This may include any degrees, diploma or training and also any past experience or the number of years of experience that the candidate needs to have in that particular field.

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