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July 1, 2010 | By More

A job description is very important for getting the right candidate as it defines the responsibilities that will be assigned to an employee and describes the nature of the work. It sets clear expectations for what the company expects from candidates, whereby the applicant also knows how to prepare himself for the interview according to the job description provided by the company in an advertisement or on its website.

Because of the above reasons, it is very important for the company to prepare and compile a good job description. These are the basic categories that must be mentioned while writing a job description:

  1. Job profile and Description: This category will include
    1. The name of the company
    2. The designation for which the candidate has to apply
    3. Nature of the job
    4. Job type: Full time or part time
    5. Location of the office
    6. Salary and benefits
  1. Duties and Responsibilities: Here we mention the various roles the candidate has to play related to
    1. Managerial requirements
    2. Supervisory level
    3. Any corporate or individual objectives
    4. Working conditions
    5. Targets to be met
  1. Skills and Knowledge: These specifications help the employer chalk out the kind of attributes they are looking for in a candidate to be successful in this job like
    1. Communication skills
    2. Networking skills
    3. Analytical ability
    4. Teamwork
    5. Ability to deal with stress
  1. Education and Specifications: In this category they want to know about your qualification and prior experience in the particular field which may include:
  2. High school degree
  3. Graduation and Master’s degree
  4. Diploma and vocational training
  5. Number of years of experience

This job description template will help not only the candidate to know what to look forward to but also help the company get the kind of employee they want for a particular post.

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