Job Duties

July 15, 2010 | By More

Whenever a company recruits its employees, the company recruits them hoping and expecting them to accomplish some of the tasks specifically assigned for them and put the company into the path of success. So, the company charts out the list of tasks, functions, duties and responsibilities, each specific to a particular job position, carefully after analysis and inputs from the supervisors, employees, management and other professionals with the help and evaluation of its human resource department.

The company lists out the specific duties and responsibilities for a particular job to the applicants well before the recruitment process starts.  In this way, the applicants are clear with the job responsibilities and they apply if they are ready to bear those responsibilities and perform their duties as per the expectations and norms of the company. In addition, the unskilled people who do not fit into the criteria, start developing their skills so that they too could exist in this competitive world at a better position.

The overall measure of performance and work of an employee is after all evaluated based on these work duties and the tasks he executes with involvement and hard work. Apart from the duties and responsibilities specific to each job, differing from company to company, there are certain responsibilities and duties that are common universally to be found in an employee. Some of the common duties are an employee must work in coordination with his co-employees, must work to fulfill the goals of the company, must work sincerely and honestly etc.

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