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A journalism teacher is a person who teaches a journalism course to students or aspiring journalists either on an independent basis of as a part of a journalism school. A journalism teacher have a certain level of experience in the field of journalism and may have served as a journalist and then taken the job of teaching.   Many journalism teachers are working as journalists apart from the teaching job because to be a journalism teacher, first-hand experience of the field is extremely crucial. The following is a detailed journalism teacher job description:

Journalism Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

Any one working as a journalism teacher has to fulfil the following given duties and responsibilities:

  • The first and most primary job duty of a journalism teacher is to give valuable journalism tips, tricks, knowledge and insight to the students on the basis of his/her knowledge, education and experience.
  • A journalism teacher must prepare lesson plans and teach theoretical journalism basics to the students.
  • It is the duty of a journalism teacher to conduct tests and mark students for their performance.
  • Teaching different writing, speaking and reporting techniques is the part of the work profile of a journalism teacher.
  • He/she is also responsible for teaching how to deal with hard conditions on hard journalism ventures and projects.

Journalism Teacher Skills and Specifications

The following are the important skills and specifications which every journalism teacher must possess:

  • A journalism teacher should have a strong personality and excellent communication skills.
  • He/she should be confident, focussed and have strong observation skills as well.
  • Patience and listening abilities are some qualities which are important for a journalism teacher to possess.
  • He/she must be well informed, opinionated and highly knowledgeable about all aspects of journalism.
  • A journalism teacher should be able to manage the class well and should have good managerial abilities.

Journalism Teacher Education and Qualification

The following are some of the educational requirements for a journalism teacher:

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism is often compulsory for anyone to get the job as a journalism teacher.
  • If a candidate has pursued graduation in other subjects like mass media etc. and then gained experience as a journalist, then he/she may be able to bag the job.
  • Master’s degree or a doctorate in journalism is not compulsory but may be asked for by certain institutes.

Journalism Teacher Salary

A journalism teacher is likely to earn an average annual income of $49000.

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