Lab Assistant Job Description

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Lab Assistant Job Profile and Description

A Lab assistant works in a laboratory and as the name depicts, he is responsible for assisting in various tasks that are conducted in a laboratory. This person is appointed to work in the schools, colleges and other educational institutions. He is concerned with taking care of laboratory material and to keep acids or other effective substances out of reach of students. He works in medical, chemical and computer labs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A lab assistant has to arrive on time and open the lab to ensure its cleanness.
  • He has to take care of harmful chemicals, costly experimental devices and need to keep them behind the lock.
  • A lab assistant needs to maintain a register for entry of students and has to be careful when experiments are being conducted in lab.
  • His responsibility is to ensure that students do not carry any eatables inside the lab.
  • In case of any harm and breakage, he has to inform the same to the concerned authority.
  • He has to keep record for the laboratory supply.
  • He has to shut down all running systems and switch off lights whenever not in use.

Skills and Specifications

  • He should have proper knowledge of laboratory, chemicals and apparatus and instruments he has to work with.
  • He must be able to educate students to keep lab neat & clean and maintain standards to do the same.
  • He must be physically fit as the field requires lot of legwork.
  • A lab assistant must be aware of functioning of all apparatus, devices and other electronic systems.
  • He must be well aware about the rules and regulations of lab.

Education and Qualification

A lab assistant must be a graduate in the related field. Any additional course or diploma in management will surely prove to be beneficial.

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