Lean Manufacturing Engineer Job Description

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Lean Manufacturing Engineer Job Description and Profile

A lean manufacturing Engineer is responsible for manufacturing operations work. He is responsible to oversee and reduce and production errors. He is also responsible to make production operations error free to avoid wastage. He is also responsible for designing and planning the production operation process. He is also responsible for increasing the product efficiency and makes production an error free process.

Lean Manufacturing Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for monitoring the manufacturing operation process
  • He is responsible for reviewing the status production machinery for any wear and tear
  • He is responsible to identify the loop holes in the process and try to remove them or at least minimize them
  • He should be able to minimize the machine repair cost and should set up deadlines for carrying out them
  • He should analyze manufacturing data and based on the observations should be able to give guidelines for standard operations

Lean Manufacturing Engineer Education, Training and Qualification

A lean Manufacturing Engineer should possess an engineering degree in production, electrical or industrial stream.  On the job training as an intern helps in gaining knowledge about the industry and machines. A sound experience in industry helps in rapid growth in the industry. A lean manufacture engineer must have knowledge about manufacturing software and digital micrometers

Lean Manufacturing Engineer Degree, Courses and Certifications

There are different certification courses that are available which can be pursued after engineering for strong foothold on knowledge and to grab an entry level job. A certification course in quality is also required as a lean manufacture engineers essentially deals with quality of product and the production unit.

Lean Manufacturing Engineer Skills and Specifications

  • He should know the production process fully and should be aware about the production operations
  • He must follow all the quality standards guidelines strictly
  • He should work towards increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing unit
  • He should work towards cutting the maintenance and repair cost
  • He should have complete knowledge about optical microscope for analysis and monitoring
  • He should have eye for detailing and should be able to handle complex manufacturing data
  • He should be a team player and should be a team motivator
  • He should be a good communicator for giving directives to other people
  • He should have good oral and written communication skills

Lean Manufacturer’s Salary/wages

A lean Manufacture engineer’s salary ranges from $30,000 to $80,000 per annum as per his experience and the company he works for.

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