Leasing Administrative Assistant Job Description

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Leasing Administrative Assistant Job Profile and Description

A leasing administrative assistant is an individual who works for a landlord, a real estate company or a housing community to administer and lease apartments, houses and properties to suitable and responsible tenants or renters. These individuals do not require a license to work, unlike real estate agents.

In order to become a leasing administrative assistant, one must satisfy certain criteria which depends upon the preferences of the employer. The following given information should be helpful for all the aspiring leasing administrative assistants.

Leasing Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the main duties and responsibilities of a leasing administrative assistant:

  • A leasing administrative assistant is responsible for taking prospective renters to desired properties or apartments etc to show and explain them the various details.
  • He/she is also responsible for discusses the rent price and negotiating the price if required.
  • It is the duty of a leasing administrative assistant to prepare leasing documents and contracts etc and see to it that they are being implemented properly once the leasing term starts.
  • It is the responsibility of a leasing administrative assistant to collect deposits or monthly payments and demand late or other fee from a renter is the need arises.
  • Another duty involves a leasing administrative assistant to pay heed to the needs and demands of renters.

Leasing Administrative Assistant Skills and Specifications

Anyone who is interested in becoming a leasing administrative assistant needs certain personal and other skills to be good at the job.

  • A leasing administrative assistant needs to possess excellent interpersonal skills and written and oral communication skills in order to interact well with renters.
  • He/she must have exceptional managerial skills and must be aware of all the leasing related rules and regulations etc.
  • Language skills are also essential in order to deal with foreigners.
  • He/she should be detail-oriented and a fast learner.

Leasing Administrative Assistant Education and Qualification

The following are the various educational qualifications of a leasing administrative assistant.

  • High school diploma is often a compulsory requirement for all leasing administrative assistants.
  • An associate degree is often preferred by the employers for this position.
  • Any additional diploma, certificate or degree in the related filed will prove to be an added advantage.

Leasing Administrative Assistant Salary

The average median salary of a person working as a leasing administrative assistant is $34000. This figure varies according to the job profile and experience of the candidate.

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