Legal Administrator Job Description

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Legal administrator has a very important role to play in a law firm. He not only controls the financial department but also oversee the proper functioning of the office. He arranges reports of various committees, identifies and plans for the changing needs of the organization. He is responsible for strategic and tactical planning, business development, risk management, quality control, organizational development and other important functioning. They conduct regular meeting with the management team and update them about the daily developments. They co-ordinate with customers and maintains a healthy relationship with them. They also conduct regular researches to assess the latest market developments and about their rival firms to be updated under all circumstances. He trains the attorneys under him and guides them for various legal circumstances. He ensures all important data and information are shared and updated between the attorneys and their clients.

Legal Administrator Duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a legal administrator can be listed as follows:

  • Provide guidance and administrative advice to legal staff in a law office.
  • Maintain official schedules like trial dates and hearings.
  • Prepare report about client profitability analysis.
  • Marketing legal services.
  • Coordinate meetings with clients and attorneys.
  • Determine the urgency of situations and take appropriate action against it.
  • Maintain management system and run surveys to prepare legal reports for clients.
  • Ensure necessary information is timely exchanged between attorneys and clients.
  • Manage files and create data base for the same.
  • Provide Reviews and comments on legal contracts and drafts.
  • Supervise attorneys working under him.

Legal Administrator skills and specifications

A legal administrator is required to have the following skills and specifications:

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate well.
  • Ability to stay focused and goal oriented.
  • Should be able to handle pressure.
  • Must be Flexible and adaptive.
  • Ability to safeguard confidentiality.
  • Must be passionate about work and able to motivate his team.
  • Ability to maintain good office environment.
  • Should have a strong planning and organizational skills.
  • Should have good judgment capability.
  • Should be able to gather facts and information and carry out surveys.
  • Have a thorough knowledge about the legal systems and procedures.

Legal Administrator Education and qualification

The education and qualification required for a legal administrator are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/ institution in business management or administration.
  • Experience certificate in legal administration.

Legal Administrator salary

A legal administrator can expect to receive an annual salary of $ 45,000-$75,000 based on his experience and area of his specialization.


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