Legal Clerical Assistant Job Description

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Legal Clerical Assistant Job Profile and Description

A legal clerical assistant is the individual who is employed by law firms, courts and public offices to provide assistance to the lawyers, judges and defenders etc.. The individual has to fulfill varied and numerous responsibilities.

All of these  duties lie in the clerical part of the job but any individual working as the clerical assistant in the law and administration sector of the economy is required to be suitability educated to be able to perform them.  Also he or she must possess the skills needed to get the work done. The below given information further explains the nature and other aspects of this job profile.

Legal Clerical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled by the legal clerical assistant are given as follows:

  • The individual is responsible for searching the information and relevant legal documents about a certain case etc. as required by his/ her superior.
  • The clerical assistant may also be required to go through the documents and prepare briefs based on them and in reference to the case.
  • Another responsibility is to properly analyse and scrutinise the sources of the information.
  • He/she must also prepare written briefs, arguments and other documents for further proceedings as ordered by his/ her superiors.

Legal Clerical Assistant Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required by a legal clerical assistant are given as follows:

  • The individual should be able to multi task with efficiency and handle huge work loads on a day to day basis.
  • Must be a keen observer with an analytical mind and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Have strong organisational skills, leadership qualities and management abilities.
  • He/ she must be able to pay attention to even the minute details given the nature of the work.

Legal Clerical Assistant Education and Qualification

The educational requirements for legal clerical assistant are:

  • A high school diploma from a state accredited institution.
  • Though those having impeccable knowledge but not a degree may be employed, having a bachelors degree is a huge plus point.
  • There are variety of diploma and other certificate courses which prove to be useful for those seeking to get employed as legal clerical assistants.

Legal Clerical Assistant Salary

The annual median salary for the legal clerical assistants is stated to be somewhere around $ 40,000 to $ 50,000. The salary may vary depending upon the employer and experience of the candidate.

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