Legal Office Clerk Job Description

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Legal Office Clerk Job Profile and Description

A person who works at the office of a law firm or an independently working lawyer to handle the day to day support or clerical duties is called a legal office clerk.  Any person working at this job position must be qualified enough to prepare legal correspondence like summons subpoenas and complaints etc.

These individuals must make sure that the office works smoothly from day to day by answering calls, fixing meetings, typing office memos and filing cases. To become a legal office clerk, a person must satisfy certain qualifications, skill requirements and experience specifications. The following is a detailed account of the job description of a legal office clerk.

Legal Office Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

A legal office clerk must perform the following given duties and responsibilities:

  • One of the primary duties of a legal office clerk is to answer calls, reply to emails, making photocopies and processing of invoices.
  • Another duty is to maintain the inventory and fill out forms.
  • To prepare legal case documents and organize important files and paperwork is also a responsibility.
  • Prepare corporate log books, take messages, arrange meetings and file documents in courts are some other responsibilities.
  • Use computer based software and legal software to maintain case records and index proof documents are also duties.

Legal office clerk Skills and Specifications

The following are some of the skills and specifications of a legal office clerk:

  • Good multitasking abilities and managerial skills are important skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to use computer software and legal software are some skills needed.
  • Hardworking nature, diligence and focus are also needed.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and good written and oral communication skills.
  • Active listening skills, comprehension skills, speaking skills and good time management skills are also needed.
  • Speech clarity and knowledge of the field of law are also needed by a legal office clerk.

Legal office clerk Education and Qualification

A legal office clerk must fulfil the following given education and qualification requirements:

  • High school diploma or degree from a recognised high school is the first requirement.
  • Anyone who wants to be a legal office clerk must possess a degree in paralegal studies or a related subject.
  • Diploma in office management or legal studies may also be asked for in some cases.

Legal office clerk Salary

Any person who works as a legal office clerk is likely to earn an annual median salary of $41640.

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