Legal Records Clerk Job Description

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Legal records clerk Job Profile and Description

A legal records clerk is an employee hired by a law firm or a lawyer to handle all the paperwork which is involved in legal procedures and processes.  Every lawyer needs to perform several other important duties and thus for supporting these, he/she hires a record clerk to establish a paper trail and record of all the cases and clients.

In order to qualify as a legal records clerk, a person needs certain specific educational qualifications, skills and work experience. To know more about the same, you can go through the following given information:

Legal records clerk Duties and Responsibilities

A legal records clerk needs to fulfil the following given duties and responsibilities:

  • Any person working as a legal records clerk must index all the legal cases handled by the law firm or the lawyer using computer database.
  • He/she must also organize all the documents of proof, statements and other legal records in a systematic manner so that they can be used for future need in case the case reopens.
  • To find out and assess the hard copy of the documents whenever needed by the lawyer is also a duty of the legal records clerk.
  • Protecting the documents and using special legal software to see to it that they are secure and password protected is also a duty.

Legal records clerk Skills and Specifications

The following are the various skills and specifications that every legal records clerk must possess in order to do well at their job:

  • Hardworking, diligent towards his/her duties are some of the skills needed.
  • Good observation skills and exceptional organizational abilities.
  • Good computer skills and ability to use legal software are required.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional written and oral communication skills are also needed.
  • A legal records clerk should be attentive and must possess multitasking abilities.

Legal records clerk Education and Qualification

The following are the main education and qualifications requirements from a legal records clerk:

  • A bachelor’s degree is any law or a paralegal coursework is the first and mandatory educational requirement.
  • A diploma course in paralegal studies or record management can prove very useful for anyone interested in becoming a legal records clerk.

Legal records clerk Salary

The salary of a legal records clerk varies from one firm to another but on an average, one can expect to earn an annual salary between $26598 and $37188.

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