Legal Support Clerk Job Description

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Legal support clerk Job Profile and Description

A legal support clerk or a law clerk is an employee working in the field of law who is responsible for providing the necessary support and help to lawyers or other legal experts. These individuals may either be employed at law firms or at courts to handle administrative duties and day to day clerical work.

The basic duties include organizing paperwork, supporting lawyers, maintaining files, providing assistance to judges among others. To become a legal support clerk, one has to gain the right amount of education and training. The following is a detailed account of the job description of a legal support clerk:

Legal support clerk Duties and Responsibilities

A legal support clerk has to fulfil many duties at job. The following are some of the most important ones:

  • A legal support clerk is responsible for conducting research on many cases and legal issues.
  • To answer calls, reply to emails, book meeting, inform the lawyer and judges about important cases and perform other administrative duties.
  • Organizing files, recording case information and categorizing and indexing files and documents.
  • Assisting the lawyer or judge in the day to day duties and tasks.
  • Keeping the proof or statements secure and using computer based software to add in important case related data.
  • Another duty is to maintain confidentiality of the case or work of the law firm.

Legal support clerk Skills and Specifications

The following is a detailed description of the skills needed by a legal support clerk:

  • Exceptional organizational abilities and managerial abilities.
  • Ability to do multiple tasks at the same time and being dedicated.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Hardworking nature, presence of mind, computer skills and knowledge of the field of law and law procedures and processes.

Legal support clerk Education and Qualification

The following is a detailed account of the educational qualifications of a legal support clerk:

  • High school education from an accredited high school is mandatory.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to law or paralegal studies is also a compulsory requirement for anyone who wants to be a legal support clerk.
  • In some cases, a license to practice law or legal support duties may also be required, especially for those who wish to work under judges.

Legal support clerk Salary

The average median salary of a legal support clerk is $28000 but this figure varies depending upon the place of employment, experience of the candidate and other factors.

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