Lighting Technician Job Description

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Lighting Technician Job Profile and Description

A lighting technician is a technician whose job requires him/her to set up or install various kinds of lighting equipments or lights and perform many other similar duties. He/she sets up lighting equipments on television, sets and on stages etc.

A lighting technician may either be part of a lighting team or may work independently from project to project.  These individuals must have exceptional technical and creative knowledge and must be qualified and experienced enough to handle the various duties that are associated with this job. The following is a detailed description of the job of a lighting technician.

Lighting Technician Duties and Responsibilities

A lighting technician has to fulfil the following given job duties and responsibilities:

  • A lighting technician is responsible for working with the director or the staff to understand the lighting requirements and the kinds of effects which are to be built.
  • He/she is also responsible for managing the entire lighting budget and purchasing or renting of suitable lightings equipments.
  • Setting up various lighting equipments and troubleshooting them is a part of the duties of the lighting technician.
  • A lighting technician is also responsible for moving the lights and increasing/decreasing its intensity as per the requirements of the director or the employer.
  • It is the duty of a lighting technician to ensure that all the lighting equipments are in proper working condition.

Lighting Technician Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications for being a lighting technician are given below:

  • A lighting technician should possess exceptional technical knowledge and high level creativity.
  • He/she must be aware of different kinds and varieties of lighting equipments available in the market and must constantly educate himself.
  • A lighting technician must be focused, dedicated, energetic and active on the job.
  • He/she must be knowledgeable about the troubleshooting techniques and about the various electronic and electrical systems and their installation etc.
  • A lighting technician should also be willing to work for long hours.

Lighting Technician Education and Qualification

The following are the education and qualification requirements from a lighting technician:

  • There are no compulsory education requirements for a lighting technician but he/she must qualify as an electrician and then gain experience in production lighting.
  • Pursuing a technical theatre course can also lead to becoming a lighting technician.

Lighting Technician Salary

A lighting technician is likely to earn a salary of $556 to $1083 per week depending upon the project he/she is working on.

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