Logistics Job Description

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Logistics Job Profile and Descriptions

Logistics jobs generally involve the responsibility of moving goods of the client to the concern market in an organized way. There are various levels of jobs involved in this field. This ranges from storing of goods to managing the goods movement in a supply chain. The role of a logistic job seek utmost participation in other works like stock control, warehousing, transportation in order to ensure proper movement of the goods as well. Therefore, every individual working for this field must understand the importance of their job as each one of them contribute individually for maintaining the flow of goods in the market.

Logistics Duties and Responsibilities

The working activities of a logistic company hugely depend on the job position of an individual.  Saying so, following are the duties that are generally being performed in this field:

  • Supervising the efficiency, quantity and cost of moving and storing the goods
  • Working in coordination with other individuals associated with the job so as to accomplish the entire movement process of the goods effectively
  • Negotiating terms by having detailed communication with supplier or customer.
  • Managing and controlling resources according to the change in requirement
  • Planning methods to improve the task and demand
  • Determining the logistics problems and finding out effective solutions for bringing its improvements.
  • Ensuring utmost safety of one own self in the particular job.

Logistics Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of every job position vary according to the duties and responsibilities one has to fulfill in the work front. Nevertheless, some of the unaltered ones that are applicable for every job position in logistics field are as follows:

  • Coordination and proper understanding within the team is very important; otherwise, the entire work cycle may disrupt.
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Capable of handling long working hours
  • Graduate degree with specialization in any subject is essential to get into this field
  • Advanced degree on Operation Management or Purchasing and Supply management or Logistic Management.
  • On-job working experiences is very essential for all job position

Logistics Education and Qualifications:

Logistics Salary:

The average salary of entry level individuals in this field is $20,000 – $23,000 per annum and for experiences professionals the range is between $46,000 and $123,000. However, the salary greatly varies according to the specific job position, scope of the company and other related factors.

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