Machine Core Maker Job Description

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Machine Core Maker Job Profile and Description

The core work of a machine core maker is setting up core-making machines like tenders, casting machine setters and operator with which casting, core-making and molding is mainly done. The materials that are molded or casted belong to a broad category which varies from simple plastic and thermoplastic to different metals. He is not just made aware of the different functions of the operating machine but also exceptionally trained to tune its controls and parts in order to achieve the desired function. The job is based on the use of technical tools like chute, shovel, clamp, straightedge, wires and metal plates. Thus education about the practical application and the subtle technicalities of the casting process is inexorable.

Machine Core Maker Duties and Responsibilities

The machine core maker has to be expert in the following fields to establish the task successfully:

  • Manipulating the switches, valves, fixtures, controls and dials
  • ┬áMoving and lifting heavy objects and handling materials in static posture
  • Evaluating and physically measuring the products to ensure they meet customer specifications
  • Pruning cured products and pulverizing the remaining plastic into powder
  • Cutting and installing tubes, conveyer screws and other parts with the help of hand tools
  • Selecting the shape and size of the mold and reinforcing them with sand and trowel
  • Observing, cleaning and maintaining the machines when not in use or after use
  • Observing and regulating the pressure and temperature generated from the machine
  • Dislodging products from the conveyer belts and cooling them for preservation Coating or smoking the mold to smoothen or insulate the outer cover
  • Labeling items with code and packing them in containers
  • Maintaining inventories of production

Machine Core Maker Skills and Specifications

The skills that are productive in this case are as follows:

  • Quality control analytic/critical skill used for inspection and testing of product quality
  • Reading comprehension required in reading customer requirements and blueprints
  • Operational skill in using a wide variety of pneumatic tools
  • Ability to be attentive and a good listener
  • Monitoring or observational skill in surveillance of machines
  • Multi-limb synchronization and static strength

Machine Core Maker Education and Qualifications

The general education needed to understand the work processes are as follows:

  • High school diploma
  • On Job experiences

Machine Core Maker Salary

The tentative annual earning of a machine core maker is $30,030 with a median hourly wage of $14.44.

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