Make- Up Artist Job Description

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Make- Up Artist Job Profile and Description

Makeup artists, as the name suggests are the individual who work on the appearance of the clients including face and body makeup and hairstyling. These individuals are mostly hired by models, presenters, actors and other performers etc. The employing sector for these artists include film industry, live music/ live theatrics industry, television and photographic shooting industry etc.

Make- Up Artist Duties and Responsibilities

Makeup artist job title has attached to it the following job duties and responsibilities:

  • The makeup artist has to communicate with the respective client to get a clear view of what the client wants and work on their makeup accordingly.
  • Some clients may require the makeup artist to present sketches for makeup and hairstyling ideas before actually applying them onto the client.
  • Responsible to ensuring that all the health and safety measures are taken/ regulations fulfilled. Also included in this is the requirement to check that all the products used are of quality and meet set standards.
  • To inform the client about the possible side effects of the makeup/ hair product; and also put in effort to reduce the side effects.
  • To ensure that the client is satisfied with the work, and is also needed to conduct appropriate follow ups and liaison with the team as well as the clients.

Make- Up Artist Skills and Specifications

Makeup artist must possess the following skill set to perform well in the industry:

  • Up to date knowledge of the makeup and hair- dressing products.
  • At ease with all latest makeup/ hairstyling techniques
  • Brilliant organisational and time management skills
  • Composed and ability to maintain cool even under pressure
  • Be accurate while working on the client
  • Creative and excellent sense of style
  • Be presentable themselves
  • Clear and good communication skills

Make- Up Artist Education and Qualification

There are no formal educational requirements i.e. an individual can become a makeup artist without any formal education or degree. But there may some individuals who may want to opt for BAs in field like hair, makeup, makeup design etc related disciplines to become makeup artists. Also experience in the field is always acts positively in favour of those seeking employment.

Make- Up Artist Salary

The make- up artists are paid on hourly basis with the makeup artists being paid about $350 per 10 hrs and makeup designers being paid about $510 per 10 hours. The rates are negotiable depending upon the stature of the job, stature of the artist and their experience.

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