Management Analyst Job Description

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Management Analyst Job Profile and Description

A Management Analyst is a person who is hired by companies to garner better profits and improve efficiency. He not only plans and suggests ways for these objectives to be reached, but he also involves himself in changing the structure and the workings of the company for the better.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A Management Analyst has to analyze the inner workings of the company he has been hired by to find out ways to increase its profits.
  • He has to improve the efficiency of the staff of the company by suggesting more effective means of management and better use of resources.
  • He has to involve himself in changing the structure of the company so that it can deal better with competition.
  • He may have to involve himself in setting up and conducting meetings with the senior management of the company he has been hired by.
  • He has to prepare and present reports on the ways to garner better profits for the senior management of the company.

Skills and Specifications

  • Strong analytical skills are a must for someone who wants to be successful as a Management Analyst.
  • Very strong oral communication and written skills are important as well.
  • He needs to have the discipline and self-motivation to drive him in this profession.
  • He should be able to maintain good contacts with all sorts of people.
  • He should possess very strong interpersonal skills that will enable him to get along with people.
  • He should also have the capability to work in teams.
  • He should have good management skills.

Education and Qualifications

A Management Analyst needs to have a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) or in a related field. Experience in the field he wants to work in is an added advantage.

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