Management Assistant job Description

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Management Assistant Job Profile and Description


A Management Assistant is someone who supports the activities of one or several people in an organization administratively and organizationally. He is not only responsible for taking care of the professional requirements of the person/persons he works under, but he also manages the correspondence and information pertaining to them as well.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A Management Assistant is responsible for all the administrative and organizational responsibilities of the manager/ managers he works under.
  • He has to handle all matter of communications and correspondence of the manager.
  • He has to provide full support to a manager, a group of managers or even a whole department administratively and organizationally.
  • He has to co-ordinate with other Management Assistants in areas that require joint effort.
  • He has to perform various secretarial work, including answering the phone, making calls and dealing with the fax machine.
  • He also has to handle the communication of the manager with the senior management of the organization.

Skills and Specifications

  • A Management Assistant has to be very proficient in both verbal and oral communication skills.
  • He has to possess very good organizational skills because he has to handle all the correspondence, appointments and other professional needs of the manager he is working under.
  • Strong administrative skills are a must in this profession because the Management Assistant may well have to support an entire department.
  • He should possess the ability to co-ordinate and manage the various administrative requirements of a department.
  • He must also have high levels of commitment, loyalty and the ability to keep a level head.

Education and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Office Management or like is necessary for persons who want to become a Management Assistant. Certificates in office administration and secretarial languages are added advantages.

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