Manpower Development Managers Description

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Manpower Development Managers Job Profile and Description

Manpower Development Mangers oversee and supervise a team of training and development officers or specialists who conduct training courses to enhance and update the knowledge and skills of a company’s employees and management to improve productivity and help in their career movements.  They plan, direct and coordinate the resources of the company to ensure that training courses as approved are implemented as planned within approved budgets.

Manpower Development Managers Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare and develop the annual manpower training budgets
  • Inventory skill sets of various corporate positions to help plan suitable training programs in coordination with departmental head and direct superiors.
  • Conduct management training for using in-house or 3rd party resources
  • Evaluate trainor competence, performance and effectiveness of training courses and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Conduct training needs analysis of management staff
  • Coordinate with departmental heads on their manpower training needs.
  • Approves or cause the revisions of training courses and evaluation methods as recommended by training specialists
  • Guide training specialists in developing training programs for workshops, seminars and conferences for organic staff.
  • Approve 3rd party training programs contracted for which in-house training capability cannot match cost-effectively or wanting in competence.

Manpower Development Managers Skills and Specifications

  • Can work long hours and under high work pressures.
  • Must have strong oral and written communication skills
  • Must have high organization, supervisory and managerial skills

Manpower Development Managers Education and Qualifications

  • A masters degree in management or course related to the industry employed is basic
  • 5-7 years of experience in an HR concerns with the later years in training and development is an advantage.

Manpower Development Managers Salary

The median annual wages of Manpower Development Managers stood at  $87,700 in 2008 with the middle 50% earning between $64,800 and $115,600. The bottom 10% took in about $48,280, while the topmost 10% earned about $149,100.

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