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August 4, 2010 | By More

Manufacturing Sector Introduction

The manufacturing sector comprises the core of the industrial sector and the performance of the companies in this sector is responsible for driving the economic growth of a country. Hence, it is much sought-after field among many job seekers, which provides employment to people belonging to different sectors of life — right from labor jobs to managerial positions.

Job Profile and Description

The job profile will be mentioned depending on the designation. It can be anything like mechanical assembler, brake operator, line crew workers, electro-mechanical technician, managerial positions like director, chief executive or manufacturing quality assurance, manufacturing supervisor, manufacturing health and safety etc. There are positions which are directly involved in working in assembling and others who have a more supervisory role to play.

Company name:


Reports to:


The location of the job:

Job Type (full time employee or part time work):

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manufacturing process engineers are responsible for providing the overall process design and suggest measures for improvement of manufacturing
  • The director of manufacturing formulates and supervises methodologies for processes, quality and production improvement
  • A manufacturing manager looks over production process and makes a production schedule to ensure efficiency and performance targets
  • Manufacturing assemblers follow instructions and assemble different parts of a particular product

Skills and Specifications

  • In the manufacturing sector, team work is extremely important
  • Workers must be organized and have good math and analytical skills
  • They must be healthy and have stamina
  • They need to have excellent manual dexterity and should be detail-oriented

Educational Qualifications and Experience

For labour jobs like assembling and line work, high qualifications are not required except high school degrees or at the most bachelor’s degree. But for managerial positions, one needs to have engineering degrees or management degrees. Also, experience of 5-10 years is required.

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