Manufacturing Manager Job Description

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Manufacturing Manager Job Profile and Description

A manufacturing manager oversees the production process of an organization and draws up a production schedule in order to make sure that efficiency and performance targets are met and production is cost-effective.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A manufacturing manager tracks competencies of subordinates and provides leadership and development as required to achieve the objectives.
  • He must make sure that health & safety procedures and environment policies are followed and company guidelines are implemented
  • He has to develop and execute the yearly manufacturing plan to reach the business objectives related to production volume, cost, quality etc
  • He has to establish and maintain a standard of performance for the operation
  • He ensures that the manufacturing principles tally with the company’s vision and priorities
  • He must develop and track improvement in reduction of planned hours
  • He has to coordinate, set up and implement operating procedures for all production activities
  • He must ensure that deadlines are followed and products are produced on time and are of good quality
  • He has to conduct performance appraisal for direct reports and ensure improvement with overall quality of product
  • He has to draft a timescale for the job
  • He has to make estimates of costs and set the quality standards
  • He has to make assessment of  manufacturing operations staffing and skill requirements and accordingly develop plans to address needs
  • After establishing manufacturing priorities, he has to allocate the resources

Skills and Specifications

  • A manufacturing manager must have good leadership skills and should be able to work in a team
  • He must be able to follow deadlines and work under pressure
  • He should have good communication skills

Education and Qualifications

Manufacturing managers usually have a degree in business management, engineering or business administration. The manager should have experience in a production environment to qualify for the position.

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