Manufacturing Sale Agent/Representative Job Description

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Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative Job Profile and Description

Finished manufactured goods, whether perishable or durable, don’t stay in warehouses and needs to end up in the hands of dealers and wholesalers to generate revenues.  This is where the Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative comes in.  Acting much like account executives, they create and explore the marketing opportunities to bring their manufactured goods to the widest markets. Hence, you have the likes of car makers GM or Chrysler selling factory-fresh cars to dealers nationwide.  The same goes for various manufactured products. Seldom do manufacturers deal directly with the end-users or consumers.

Manufacturing Sale Agent/Representative Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attends regular sales meetings
  • Learn all they can about the products they are selling
  • Conduct their own market research or tap into research firms about competing products, target market demographics and spending habits
  • Prepare regular sales reports to account for work and confirm accounting basis for sales commissions
  • Travel as required to meet with potential clients

Manufacturing Sale Agent/Representative Skills and Specifications

  • Must have the innate ability to remain customer-oriented despite receiving setbacks
  • Must be willing to travel to remote destinations for conducting sales calls
  • Must have the sense of responsibility to accomplish tasks without supervision
  • Must have the creative selling skills to reach sales targets
  • Must have complete an thorough knowledge about the products they are selling
  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to deal with clients

Manufacturing Sale Agent/Representative Education and Qualifications

  • While there’s no formal education required to be in sales in general, an associate or bachelor’s degree in commerce, mass communication, advertising, psychology or related courses is now preferred
  • A 2-3 experience in the selling profession is an advantage

Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative Salary.

The median annual salary of Manufacturing Sales Agents/Representatives for durable goods in stood at $70,200, including commissions, in 2008. The middle 50% received between $48,600 and $99,600 with the lowest 10% earning about $35,000 while the highest 10% got about $133,000 a year.  The computer industry bagged the highest median at $80,000.

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