Marketing Account Planner Job Description

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Marketing Account Planner Job Profile and Description

A marketing account planner plays a key part in the marketing sector for developing advertising campaigns. Their primary responsibility is to write formal creative brief, establishing goals and objectives, target audiences and creating the final ground on which a campaign is delivered.

Working as a bridge between the customers and the agency, an account planner is required to research the market grounds and have information on the market, potential customers and the requirements of the clients.

Marketing Account Planner Duties and Responsibilities

Major duties and responsibilities of an account planner are mentioned below:

  • They need to discuss with the client in order to set the desired aim and objectives.
  • They are required to analyze important market related data and be up- to- date at all times.
  • Development, management and analysis of the research project should be overlooked by them.
  • They need to brief the creative team with all the knowledge that is required to create the target campaign required by the client.
  • They organize groups that focus on qualitative research.
  • They monitor the success of each and every campaign that comes out of the agency making sure to note the changes that is required and suggest some improvements.
  • They need to present the campaign in front of the client in such a manner that it wins favorable customers for further business.

Marketing Account Planner Skills and Specifications

A good marketing account planner is required to be:

  • Creative and open- minded. He should be able to welcome all sorts of ideas and think around all obstacles.
  • They should have strong presentation and business skills.
  • They should have good communicative skills, both person- to- person and written.
  • They should be able to work in a team, maintain good communications with teammates and is able to deal with a varied range of people.
  • They need to have good computer skills and memory to retain facts and figures.
  • They should be full of stamina and drive.
  • They should be persuasive, negotiate and diplomatic.

Marketing Account Planner Education and Qualifications

An applicant for this job should have the following qualifications:

  • The candidate must possess a degree in marketing, psychology, economics or related field.
  • Candidate with post graduate degree in marketing or related field will have an edge over other candidates.

Marketing Account Planner Salary

The average annual salary of marketing account planner lies in the range of $30,000 to $40,000 depending upon the type of company and work profile.7

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