Marketing Accountant Job Description

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Marketing Accountant Job Profile and Description

A marketing accountant is primarily required to provide financial information to the management by gathering and analyzing important accounting data and preparing a report on it. They are responsible for coming up with the monthly management accounts that is extremely important for the company management while creating sound financial decisions for the company.

Marketing Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

As a responsible and dutiful employee, a marketing accountant is required to:

  • Make assets, liabilities and capital account entries based on the accounting information compiled and analyzed by him or her.
  • Document all financial information of the transactions undertaken by the company.
  • After analyzing all accounting facilities and data, he might recommend the company t o take necessary financial actions.
  • Preparing balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other current financial statements are his modus operandi.
  • He maintains the accounting controls by preparing procedures and policies.
  • He needs to guide all clerical staff with whatever financial information he gathers and then coordinates all activities within the company.
  • He is also answerable to all financial questions that are brought up inside work realms.
  • Security of the financial information is left in his hand. So he is needed to keep backups for all data regarding financial matters.
  • By requesting disbursements and verifying documentation, he prepares the head payment that stays inside and goes out of the company.
  • He further attends educational workshops, reviews professional publications and establishes personal networks that helps in the professional fields.
  • Finally, he contributes to the gross team efforts by accomplishing all related results.

Marketing Accountant Skills and Specifications

An ideal marketing accountant should have the following skills and specifications:

  • He should have excellent accounting skills.
  • He should be well aware of the current market, how the profits flow in and how to prevent losses.
  • He should have a good reporting skill.
  • He should have a good memory and be extremely caution while giving attention to every detail.
  • He should make sure that all deadlines are met.
  • Time management and data oriented management is another thing he should be good at.

Marketing Accountant Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor degree in accounting is a must.
  • A post graduate degree will give better chances of employment to the candidate.
  • He can also choose to obtain a certification of ‘Certified Public Accountant.

Marketing Accountant Salary

The medium annual salary of a marketing accountant lies somewhere around $ 30,550 and $ 63,550. The salary varies depending upon various factors like qualifications and experience of the candidate, type of company and others.

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