Marketing Agency Account Executive Job Description

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Marketing Agency Account Executive Job Profile and Description

A Marketing Agency Account Executive is the primary link between the clients seeking the services of a marketing agency and the company itself. He or she conducts the market research for the company and uses the report of such research to formulate plans and campaigns to help the sales team to achieve the sales targets.

They are also in charge of managing accounts which could be a single person or a company dealing with the marketing agency. This involves understanding the marketing needs of the client and communicating the same to the marketing agency for formulating marketing strategies.

Marketing Agency Account Executive Duties and Responsibilities

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Marketing Agency Account Executive include but are not limited to:

  • Acquire business for the marketing agency by meeting prospective clients and explaining to them the services and product offered by the company.
  • Research the market on acceptance of the agency’s products and services and preparing reports. Communicating such reports to the management of the company.
  • Understanding the needs of the client availing of the services of the marketing agency by discussing the requirements and come up with a well-researched plan of marketing to achieve those goals.
  • Understand the budget constraints of the client and devise a marketing plan to fit into this budget and at the same time delivers the client’s requirement.
  • Present the costing to clients and seek approval.
  • Communicate the client’s needs and marketing campaign details with the creative team in the marketing agency.
  • Negotiating with clients and ensure delivery of services within the deadline.

Marketing Agency Account Executive Skills and Specifications 

The skills and specifications needed for the marketing Agency Account Executive are:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are required for this job as most of the work is done through communicating ideas.
  • Research and analytical skills are required to be able to analyse the requirements of clients and match it with the products offered by the marketing agency.
  • Time management skills
  • Being able to work under pressure of deadlines.

Marketing Agency Account Executive Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications for a Marketing Agency Account Manager is

  • A bachelor’s degree in a marketing related discipline.
  • A bachelor’s degree in other disciplines may also be considered.
  • A post graduate degree in marketing and related field will surely give an edge over other candidates.

Marketing Agency Account Executive Salary

The average salary of a Marketing Agency Account Manager may range between US$ 20,000 to US$ 78,000 depending on the company.

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