Marketing Research Director Job Description

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Marketing Research Director Job Profile and Description

Being a marketing research director, one needs to be extremely conscious and well-aware of the current market trends – for his/her prime duty would be to analyze the market and its related aspects. The individual needs to have a thorough outlook regarding the various fields of market research and, most importantly, its practical applications in the real world.

The marketing research director needs to direct professionals working under his supervision to achieve maximum success in studying market trends and customer demands. The director may resort to a variety of methods for marketing research – telephone conversations, filling up of survey forms, questionnaires, interviewing customers and clients, online survey, etc.

Marketing Research Director Duties and Responsibilities

A marketing research director needs to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • He must devise suitable strategies for effective research methodologies to be implemented for marketing research functions.
  • The research options made available for marketing of certain product(s) or service(s) must be approved of by the marketing research director, after having thoroughly understood and studied the pros and cons of each research technique.
  • The marketing research director is responsible for ensuring maximum returns from employing the respective research strategies.
  • The director, although holds a top-level position, needs to interact with clients and customers at regular intervals to gauge the actual flavor of consumer trends and hence acquire the real marketing research report.
  • Marketing being one of the prime determinants for the sale of a product or service, a marketing research director needs to understand the overall work culture and strategies adopted in the manufacturing as well as sales sectors as well.
  • A marketing research director must analyze the data and figures obtained in the marketing research reports, and take suitable actions in the shortest possible course of time.

Marketing Research Director Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent analytical, logical, as well as mathematical skills; qualitative as well as quantitative abilities.
  • Communicative skills need to be strong, as much as leadership and group-performance skills.
  • Computational abilities need to be possessed.
  • Creativity; ability to devise new and improved, unique, and relevant research strategies.

Marketing Research Director Education and Qualification

  • Bachelor’s or undergraduate degree in Business Studies/Administration and/or Marketing is necessary.
  • Often a special course in market research, mathematics, social sciences, statistics, or psychology is appreciated.
  • A Master’s or PhD in related fields of marketing research offers better professional opportunities.
  • The Marketing Research Association [MRA] offers credentials such as the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) to provide enhanced career prospects.

Marketing Research Director Salary

The average salary of a marketing research director falls is $131,103 annually and this may vary depending upon the organization, work profile and the experience of the candidate.

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