Mechanical Assembler Job Description

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Mechanical Assembler Job Profile and Description

A mechanical assembler is a person who assembles mechanical parts, components or products. Most of these jobs belong to the manufacturing sector and produce parts or products that can range from small items to cars. They mechanical assemblers are work within a team of other assemblers and quality control professionals.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A mechanical assembler must know how to use different tools and equipment to assemble units according to required specifications in a particular area of a production line
  • They should know how to read and interpret blueprints, sketches and written instructions of engineers etc and then to assemble the parts or products
  • They work under the direction of a supervisor and assembles products
  • He may have to assemble bracketry, frames or perform minor soldering of component parts to boards or connectors
  • They have to look for faulty parts during the process of assembly and may have to test the assembled parts or products to ensure that they are functioning properly and are of good quality.
  • They perform standard assembly procedures, perform rework, and repair on manufactured equipment and products
  • They have to follow established safety procedures
  • They provide assistance to senior level assembly mechanics on bigger jobs

Skills and Specifications

  • Mechanical assemblers must follow directions carefully and need to have basic reading skills
  • They need to have the required technical knowledge of the equipment and tools
  • They should possess manual dexterity, good eyesight and should be healthy
  • They must be able to perform repetitive tasks
  • They should follow deadlines and the company’s goal

Education and Qualifications

Most mechanical assemblers require a high school degree for this work. They may also have to get some technical or vocational training depending on the type of product they are making, although most companies provide on-the-job training.

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