Media relation job description

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Media Relation Job Profile and Description

The job of a media relations officer is similar to that of a public relations officer. Any company, organisation or political party needs to interact with its consumers, stakeholders or public and general in order to promote its products, give information or to take some damage control measures. Media provides them the perfect platform to reach out to millions of people and a media relations officer ensures that the information is passed smoothly and to the advantage of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A media relations officer interacts writes and sends press releases or briefs and sends it to media persons to give them the information
  • They also organise and attend press conferences, invite the media, to give any information, promotion about their company or simply to keep in contact
  • They are the spokespersons of the company and represent the heads of their organisation, presenting their views to the public. Hence, they have to give interviews to the media, give clarifications if there is a negative image of the company and pass on information in an open and reliable way

Skills and Specifications:

  • Good communication skills are very important if you want to interact with media persons
  • You also need to have presence of mind and be a quick thinker to tackle tricky questions
  • Since you are representing the company in a way, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the company‚Äôs strategies and policies
  • Use discretion, tact and honesty while answering questions, keeping the dignity of the company or organisation you work for

Education and Qualifications:

  • A degree or diploma in mass communication will help you develop your communications skills
  • Specialisation in public relations will give you first-hand knowledge about how to deal with the media on behalf of a company

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