Medical Transportation Job Description

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Medical Transportation Job Profile and Description

People working in the field of medical transportation jobs play a critical role in our daily lives by saving and taking care of patients during transit to and from hospitals. Medical transportation workers function at different skill levels. They may work as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Paramedics or Ambulance Drivers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Emergency Medical Technician has to respond to calls like accidents, sudden illness and rush to receive the patients.
  • EMTs have to apply life saving techniques on the patient to stabilize his health condition while he is being taken to hospital on an ambulance.
  • Medical Transport workers also need to escort non emergency patients to hospitals, other appointments and day care centers etc.
  • Paramedics are required to administer medication, handle medical equipments and may need to apply emergency surgeries.
  • Ambulance driver need to be expert drivers, as they have to carry patients to hospitals in shortest time irrespective of bad weather or traffic.
  • Ambulance drivers also need to assist the team in carrying the patient when not driving.

Skills and Specifications

  • A medical transport worker must be caring, patient and reassuring person.
  • He must have sound judgment and should be able to make quick decisions.
  • He must be punctual and stringent about his work, attendance and reporting.
  • He must understand the criticality of his work and should be ready for service any time.

Education and Qualification

An Emergency Medical Technician should be accustomed with all the know-how’s of patient caring. He needs to undergo training for this purpose and may also need to pass certification tests. Training is done at basic, intermediate and advanced (EMT Paramedic) level, each having its own functionality in this work field. Ambulance drivers need to have a valid driving license and clean driving record with no alcohol, criminal or drug abuse background.

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