Metal Refining Furnace Operators Job Description

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Metal Refining Furnace Operators Job Profile and Description

Many of the hand tools and appliances we use daily are made from metals that have been the product of forging and casting operations to the shape and size they have.  This is made possible by Metal Refining Furnace Operators who operate giant furnaces powered by oil, gas,  coal, electric-arc or electric induction, oxygen or open-hearth furnaces, to smelt and refine metal before being forged or cast to the specified shapes before getting molded into commercial products.

Metal Refining Furnace Operators Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operate the smelting furnace in accordance with standard procedures and safety guidelines.
  • Check to ensure that alloy in the smelting process meet specification by drawing smelted metal samples from furnaces for analysis.
  • Calculate types and amounts of metals needed to ensure that materials meet required metal composition specifications.
  • Drain, transfer, or eradicate molten metal from furnaces, and put it into molds, using pumps, hoists, or ladles.
  • Record production data, and maintain production logs.
  • Operate controls to move or discharge metal work pieces from furnaces.
  • Inspect furnaces and equipment to check on defects and wear for prompt corrective action.
  • Monitor air and temperature gauges as well as metal color and fluidity and adjust valves and controls to maintain required temperatures.
  • Monitor furnace operations remotely using television screens to ensure that problems do not occur.


Metal Refining Furnace Operators Skills and Specifications

  • Must have sufficient working knowledge about metals, foundry and smelter operations and forging processes
  • Must be medically and physically fit to withstand extreme temperatures in the operations
  • Must have presence of mind in monitoring temperature gauges and make adjustments as necessary
  • Must have a cheerful disposition and willing to work under dirty conditions


Metal Refining Furnace Operators Education and Qualifications

While no formal education is required, a high school diploma is preferred along with some on-the-job informal training in a previous employment of the same nature

Metal Refining Furnace Operators Salary

The median wage for a Metal Refining Furnace Operator stood at 18.22 hourly or $37,900 annually in 2009.

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