Mining Mechanical Engineer Job Description

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Mining Mechanical Engineer Job Profile and Description

Mining mechanical engineer refers to the job position which is established with the purpose of managing and handling the mechanics of a mining project. Mining or extraction of the minerals is a task that requires a lot of precision and expertise on the part of all those who are involved in the project.

The mechanical mine managers are those that handle the mechanics and thus need to have the right skills, education and proper training or experience to perform well in the industry.

Mining Mechanical Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and the duties to be fulfilled by the mining mechanical engineer are:

  • Evaluate the mining project which he/ she are supposed to handle and meet the respective designing obligations.
  • The mining mechanical engineer is responsible for working with the equipment suppliers and ensuring that all the orders are placed and completed in accordance with the project deadlines.
  • To provide the field staff with adequate technical and mechanical support.
  • To conduct regular assessment of the project work to anticipate the problems that may arise and then suggest a suitable solution for the same.

Mining Mechanical Engineer Skills and Specifications

The specific skills requirements of the position of the mining mechanical engineer are as follows:

  • Individual must have a sharp mind with great analytical and problem solving abilities.
  • Must be able to work in teams and handle large number of employees for completion of the respective project.
  • Up to date, know- how of the respective sector and of the latest technologies/ techniques that is coming up in the industry.
  • Must be good at interacting with all the employees and the clients for the benefit of the project.
  • Good technical skills and ability to work in tough conditions.

Mining Mechanical Engineer Education and Qualification

The education that the mining mechanical engineer must hold includes:

  • A must have for those seeking employment as the mining mechanical engineer is a Bachelor’s of Science degree in mechanical engineer or an equivalent technical discipline.
  • The organisation depending upon the hierarchical level of the job position may require the individual to hold an experience of anywhere between 0 to 10 years, in the field of mining mechanics.

Mining Mechanical Engineer Salary

The average salary for the mechanical mining engineer is around $64552. The salary varies with the kind of working conditions, type of organisation, industry, exact job description and other factors.

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