MIS Analyst Job Description

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MIS Analyst Job Profile and Description

An MIS analyst is a professional who helps in the improvement of the company’s information system and helps in the development of new ones. He/she is an integral part of a company because they research on the best solutions which are available by the company and in turn get to know the issues which might prove to be hindering the growth or progress.

Any person working at this position may have to fulfil many job duties and responsibilities and to fulfil these duties; he/she needs to possess certain skills and education requirements. A detailed description of all these points has been provided below and can be used for reference.

MIS Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of an MIS analyst have been given below:

  • The primary and most important job duty of an MIS analyst is to examine and research how the staff of an organisation uses the information and what tools are available with them.
  • He/she is also responsible for improving existing methods and information systems to help the company improve their overall productivity and functionality.
  • Another duty involves an MIS analyst to implement latest hardware technology and softwares and also conduct research on these technological equipments before applying them.
  • It is the duty of an MIS analyst to train existing and new staff and also participate in the recruiting process.

MIS Analyst Skills and Specifications

To become an MIS analyst, an individual needs to possess certain skills and specifications. Some of the most important of these skills are mentioned below.

  • An MIS analyst must have an analytical mind and ability to resolve issues and problems.
  • He/she must possess good computer skills and observation qualities.
  • Diligence, hardwork, dedication and communication skills are also required by a person who is an MIS analyst.

MIS Analyst Education and Qualification

One must satisfy the following given educational qualifications in order to become an MIS analyst:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems or other related field or subject is a must.
  • Apart from this, one can also pursue master’s degree in business administration as this may also be a necessary requirement for some employers.

MIS Analyst Salary

Any person who is employed as an MIS analyst is likely to earn an annual median salary of $58000.  Qualifications, education and personal skills may influence this salary figure.

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