Mortgage Sales Consultant Job Description

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Mortgage Sales Consultant Job Profile and Description

A Mortgage Sales Consultant is a person who is employed at a mortgage firm or any other type of a financial organization to sell mortgage loans to customers or buyers. These professionals must possess strong knowledge about banking, finances and mortgage in order to make a strong case and give suggestions to those who are unable to make their mind.  A mortgage sales consultant’s duty is to explain the benefits and features of different types of loans and to recommend the best one depending upon the customer’s needs. To become successful at this position, several skills and the right educational qualifications are needed. To know more about the same, you can read the following given information:

Mortgage Sales Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Listed below are the main job duties and responsibilities of a Mortgage Sales Consultant:

  • To explain the features of loans and mortgage plans to buyers and convince them if there is a suitable plan for them.
  • To talk to customers and based on their needs, suggest or recommend mortgage offers to them.
  • To record personal information of buyers in bank database system and prepare the documents once a customer agrees to borrow money.
  • To solve customer queries, questions and problems and assist them with any information that they need.
  • To use computer systems and software to enter information or make calculations.

Mortgage Sales Consultant Skills and Specifications

The following is a list of the skills which every mortgage sales consultant must possess:

  • Strong computer skills, ability to work with database systems and other software.
  • Good mathematical skills, financial skills, accounting skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to be able to communicate and deal with customers.
  • Good knowledge of mortgage trends, interest rates, financial products.
  • Detail oriented, friendly disposition and interest in the field of sales.
  • Good sales abilities and ability to convince and negotiate.

Mortgage Sales Consultant Education and Qualification

The following are some of the educational qualifications needed by a Mortgage Sales Consultant:

  • A high school diploma or certification from a state accredited school is a mandatory requirement.
  • Bachelor’s degree in banking, finance studies, accounting or mathematics is also a compulsory requirement for this job.
  • Diploma course in mortgage consulting and experience in the field of sales can also help.

Mortgage Sales Consultant Salary

A mortgage sales consultant can expect to earn a yearly income of $71800.

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