Network Design Engineer Job Description

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Network Design Engineer Job Profile and Description

The network design engineers are the professionals who are employed by organisations for the designing of the computer or any other networks that are needed for their regular operations. This title is found in many sectors and many organisations like the utility companies, local authorities and management consultancies etc.

In other words, we can say that any firm which makes use of a large sophisticated IT system will need an I.T. network design engineer. The rest of the details of the network design engineer position are given below.

Network Design Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities laid upon a network design engineer position are as follows:

  • It is the responsibility of the network design engineer to firstly analyse the needs of the organisation and then develop or design a technical network solution which meets all its needs.
  • Toperform designing, testing and also inspecting the network data related tasks.
  • To configure the network software from time to time and to install the hardware as well. The engineer can work with the technical support to get these tasks done.
  • Design engineer is the one who is responsible for selecting and managing the relations with the technology vendors.

Network Design Engineer Skills and Specifications

The skills and specification which the network design engineer must have to perform on the job are as follows:

  • Great problem solving abilities and technical skills.
  • Quick to think and good under pressure or sudden problematic situation
  • Analytical skills to properly access the needs of the employer
  • Good communication and management skills to be able to work in coordination with the rest of the staff.
  • Great with all the latest software and hardware that may be used on the job

Network Design Engineer Education and Qualification

Following are the educational qualifications that a network design engineer is expected to possess:

  • An applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in the technical science in which the company or the job is located for example information technology, computer science etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree is enough for getting entry level positions, but some organisations may require the applicant to have a prior experience of 2 years.

Network Design Engineer Salary

The median salary for a network design engineer is stated to be somewhere about $ 83,000 per annum with the variations depending upon the organisation type, size and the scope of the job position in the organisation.

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