Network Operations Engineer Job Description

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Network Operations Engineer Job Profile and Description

A network operations engineer is an individual who is responsible for ensuring effective and fruitful operation of any network under his area of maintenance. Specific networks have particular specifications – based on their nature, location, and certain other aspects – and the operations engineer must be thoroughly aware of each and every minute detail of the network(s). Hence the job of a network operations engineer requires immense dedication towards achieving error-free network systems and providing effective network services to clients.

Network Operations Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities that are generally required to be handled by a network operations engineer include the following:

Management as well as maintenance of the network systems and executing proper control over their operations is an important job responsibility of the network operations engineer.

A network operations engineer must be extremely well accustomed with the technicalities of the profession and be proficient in handling as well as manipulating them so as to garner the best outputs and most profitable results.

It is an important responsibility of a network operations engineer to properly execute installations and upgradation of the network, as and when required.

The identification of errors and faults in the network and devising methods to overcome them and solve all network related problems is an important responsibility of a network operations engineer.

The network operations engineer must communicate with clients, whenever required, to explain them the technicalities related to network and their efficient operation.

Network Operations Engineer Skills and Specification

A network operations engineer generally requires the following skills and specifications:

Thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of network operations and management

Network related issues and aspects – such as routing, switching, OSI model, kernel level management, and handling of network tools, etc. need to be understood clearly and completely.

Practical application abilities; analytical as well as logical reasoning skills

Communication skills – written as well as verbal

Network Operations Engineer Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a network operations manager include:

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/ Electronics and Telecommunication/Communication/ Computer Science/ IT engineering or any other related technical field of study.

Certified course completion and on-the-job training in network operations

Licensure and certificates provide assurance and details of candidate qualification

Network Operations Engineer Salary

A network operations engineer can earn approximately $25,000 – $30,000 annually, in the starting range, with salaries ranging to the higher limit of $75,000 with better skills, training, and expertise.

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